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My time spent with Chris Gaunt has been both enjoyable and productive. Chris is an easy going, down to earth guy who brings decades of experience at a major corporation to the table. He also has the open mindedness, empathy & listening skills to zero in on your values and desires. Combined, these dynamic forces make a meeting with Chris fun, efficient & goal oriented. If your looking for someone to strategize, clarify your goals & leave feeling empowered to take action, all while having a blast doing it, Chris is the coach for you.

Matt Dillon

I have known Chris for approximately one year. As one of our most dedicated volunteers, Chris has played an active role in the development and continued success of the Woofs for Warriors program. His passion to help others is very apparent when dealing with veterans that have post traumatic stress disorder. He is kind and considerate allowing them to express what they need without pressure. He listens intently to help the veteran reach their goals with the placement of a rescue dog to eventually become their emotional support/service dog. His dedication to helping them achieve success with the program is remarkable and admirable. I wish we had many more Chris Gaunt’s. If you are looking for someone who is reliable, dedicated and passionate to help you meet your goals, the first person I would think of is Chris Gaunt.

Cathy Reichen, Woofs for Warriors - President

Chris Gaunt volunteered his time and service to the Woofs For Warriors Program a little more than a year ago and has since become an integral part of our organization. His dedication to the betterment of the lives of our veterans makes him a most valued member. His demeanor is patient, kind, and as important, Chris has the ability to know when to talk and when to listen. He is genuine, compassionate, dependable and hard working. We often joke that we need more "Chris Gaunt's” in our organization, but it is most certainly the truth.   

Chris Argento, Woofs for Warriors - VP of Adoptions and Training

Chris lead our national sales hospitality team and I had the pleasure of working with him over the past three years. With his strong leadership skills, training capabilities and passion for the WIN, Chris excelled us to a 35% market share, over our fair share as a supplier. Chris also has the talent and calm, to listen and lead, assuring he is tapping into the talents brought by the team. These capabilities enabled the team to grow the business, but his passion to train others around him helped us grow as individuals. He has the ability to help anyone reach their expectations and assure they are on the right road to success and a balanced life.

Sharie Phillips, Procter & Gamble Professional | Hospitality Division- Account Executive

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with Chris for over 25 years. Chris is well known as a strategic thinker, always developing strong business development plans, and importantly executing the plans with excellence. “Excellence” is a good description of how Chris manages his life, family, hobbies, and business.

Chris is well known to be an outstanding developer/coach of people and teams. He is well organized, positive, detailed, honest and very good at hiring, training, motivating and mentoring others. If someone worked in Chris’s organization you knew they were well trained and productive. I often use Chris as an example of a great role model as I train and coach others.
It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Chris.

You will (and are) a great coach Chris, all the best in your new adventures!

Barbara Richter

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for the last 12 years. During that time I have seen firsthand Chris’s passion for life and people. Chris is a gifted leader who leads by example with his genuine concern for people and an unmatched work ethic. He has an innate ability to connect with people and develop lasting relationships. Chris is known for developing and promoting people to additional responsibilities by bringing out the best in people enabling them to reach their full potential.

Maria S. Early, Procter & Gamble | Hospitality Account Manager | Eastern United States

I have only known Mr. Chris Gaunt for short period of time, but in that period of time we have had such a positive experience with him as our daughter's tennis instructor. Having never have had formal tennis lessons before, my daughter was a little apprehensive about playing the game. Immediately Chris eased the tension with his humor and enthusiasm for the sport. Not to mention his fun/child-centered approach to learning the fundamentals of tennis. I look forward to continuing lessons with Chris and therefore I would highly recommend him!

Maiken Lehine-O'Keeffe

Maiken Lehine-O'Keeffe

I have been fortunate enough to know Chris for the past twenty years. While at Procter & Gamble my wife Nancy reported directly to Chris.

Chris is the most amazing human being...he’s is an awesome results driven professional who digs into the fabric of the people whom work with and for him to develop the best in them.

There are so many adjectives to describe people but not enough that begin to describe this terrific human being. Chris is kind, caring, engaged, effective, efficient, a top notch person.

And I am the husband of one of his most cherished friends and employees...he peels the layers down so he knows what makes people tick to abstract and bring out the best in them.

I am sure Chris will continue to succeed in all his endeavors and if there is anything I could do for him I would be by his side...

A first class person adored and loved by my family and many of those connected to him.

Kenneth J Duffy

“I worked with Chris for over 10 years as a business partner and as a friend and always admired his professionalism, creativity, enthusiasm and passion for PEOPLE…regardless of their role or position, always responsive, caring and building long lifetime relationships along the way. Chris is a role model to many…and a compassionate leader, great motivator and team player…and a GREAT LIFE COACH!

I also admire Chris’ family values and his overall zest for life balance…supported by his strong faith and desire “to serve” and a moral compass to always do the right thing in every situation. Chris is the ultimate friend and professional and will be an asset to any organization he serves”

Keith Hymel, Formerly, Senior Global Account Director, Hilton Worldwide 2006-1018
Currently Vice President, Global Strategic Account Management, ConferenceDirect® March 2018- Present

Chris Gaunt, my manager for 6 + years, demonstrated qualities and behaviors that motivated me to excel in my role at P&G, as well as my role at home as a spouse and father.   Chris has a unique strength in that he brings out the “best” in everyone. Regardless of talent, ethnicity, background or gender, Chris always found a way to energize anyone that crossed his path. Chris’ work ethic coupled with his ability to navigate through challenges, has served him well in a very dynamic industry where things are changing constantly. Other strengths include Chris’ ability to synthesize data and find creative ways to deliver presentations that are meaningful to the audience in a very articulate manor. Chris’ financial acumen, coupled with his strong communication and writing skills, is a recipe for success.

A successful manager at Procter & Gamble requires strengths and behaviors that enables others to develop and grow so that they too, can deliver results.   A manager of others, which Chris served that role for 30 + years, is a master at developing and promoting strong talent. Chris’ track record for developing young talent is well known within P&G Professional. Today, some of our brightest and top performing talent were trained and groomed under Chris Gaunt’s leadership.

I Joe Davis, P&G Professional, Senior Account Executive, would strongly consider Chris Gaunt as someone who will invest in you, so that you can reach your personal goals.

Joe Davis, Procter & Gamble Professional, Senior Account Executive

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