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As a 25 year P&G employee, I have had many managers. Chris Gaunt was one of the exceptional ones.

Chris is unique in his ability to understand what motivates and inspires those that are close to him. He genuinely cares

about people and brings out the best in others. His leadership enabled our team to exceed company expectations year after year. His takes great pride in the success of his teams professional as well as personal accomplishments. Working with Chris was a pleasure.

Gwen Mullins

In my 20 years with Procter and Gamble, I can honestly say I have never met a business leader, coach and mentor more dedicated to developing people than Chris Gaunt. Chris has a passion and energy for coaching and developing any organization he touches. He dedicated his work time, personal time and all endeavors in investing in others often sacrificing his own personal needs. He has an incredible knack for listening and then providing one or two key ideas that are incredibly actionable. Chris has done this for his entire 32 year career at Procter and Gamble. While Chris is also a true sales professional, this coaching/development passion was the number one reason why he was honored as a William Cooper Procter Sales Master. This is the most prestigious honor in the entire P&G Global Company and is only given to a very select and distinguished group of professionals representing less than 0.5% of P&G Sales Leaders globally.

Chris also cares. He genuinely cares about others. Their motivations, their needs, their passions and their desires. He has a unique ability to understand and hone what motivates others and is quickly able to put advice into action. He is talented, intelligent, motivated and will work countless hours to help others deliver stretching goals. In my 15 years working with Chris and at one time directly for him, he has always been thought of as the go to professional development expert. Chris has the strongest history of any P&G Professional Sales Leader of developing and promoting others to more responsibility. Chris is a master and will be missed at P&G.

As Chris begins his new career and life change, I can guarantee that I will personally continue to leverage his passion, leadership and coaching talents as I continue to grow. Chris is an expert, a coach, mentor and friend. He will over achieve and deliver on any task, anytime, anywhere.

Matt Koloseike, Procter & Gamble Professional, North American Sales Manager, North American Market Strategy and Planning Leader

I had the opportunity to work for Chris when I first started working for Procter & Gamble. His coaching and guidance helped me to focus in on key deliverables which set me up for success and led me to advance my career very quickly. Chris’ passion for the work as well as his personal investment into those he manages, coaches, and mentors is unmatched. He has a sincere interest in wanting what’s best for both the business and personal career plans. Chris embodies the qualities that describe a great manager who is equally focused on coaching to achieve results and developing the right career advancing skills while having a genuine care for those he manages’ personal lives as well. I would highly recommend working with Chris as he is a devoted, enthusiastic leader and mentor that will provide the right guidance to reach the end goal in mind.

Tarah (Parrino) Petercuskie, Procter & Gamble Professional

I have known Chris Gaunt for 20 years. I consider him to be the consummate professional and gentleman.

Chris worked directly for me for over 15 years. I was thrilled to have Chris on our team because he is such a winner! I can safely say that no one was more prepared for assignments and tasks than Chris. He is a hard worker and a strong leader. I could always count on Chris to develop his people to be their very best. He garnered a reputation for promoting people to additional responsibility. He created a following – people wanted to work for Chris. Not only did he deliver organizationally, he generated outstanding business results. He formed strong and lasting relationships with his customers. He was able to have the tough conversations as well as the fun ones. They respected him. For these reasons, Chris was named to the exclusive club of William Procter Sales Master. This very selective honor is the highest one can obtain within the Sales Organization of the Procter & Gamble Company.

I would list Chris’ key strengths as leadership, developing long-lasting, productive relationships, strategic thinking and developing a cohesive team.

On the personal front, Chris is a strong family man. He is extremely dedicated to his wife of 25+ years and two wonderful children. He is active in his community and a good friend to many. He has the utmost integrity. You can count on Chris to always do the right thing.

Alan R Tomblin, President and CEO, Network Services, Inc.

In a company of many great leaders, Chris Gaunt stands apart as a role model in business and life. He is more thoughtful, more committed, and more courageous than he needs to be, and this style has a tremendously positive influence on those around him.

Chris’ business results earned him lifetime recognition within the top fraction of a percentile in the P&G Sales. He earned these results through deep integrity, always going the extra mile to do the right thing for anyone, regardless of rank or tenure. Chris is able to recognize and cultivate the unique spark in others; his respect for the individual and genuine caring inspires others to do their best.

In a world with competing priorities, Chris knows what it takes to drive focus. As his cross-functional partner, Chris made my job easier by coaching my team members to better meet our shared business goals. Chris both role modeled and coached team members to move at the speed of trust, influence up and across with the right level of engagement, and ultimately commit to and deliver outstanding results.

Carrie Rathod, P&G - Marketing Manager, Cincinnati, Ohio

I’ve worked for Procter & Gamble for just shy of 41 years and have known Chris Gaunt for over 30 of them. Chris was my immediate manager for almost 14 of those years. Chris has the uncanny ability to analyze a problem and execute the most logical solution possible. As I recall working with Chris over the years there were numerous instances when Chris made suggestions for a different course of action that turned out to be a superior option to the direction I was planning. His cool, calm demeanor and thoughtful approach to every situation was always welcome advice during difficult times. There were instances when I was going to make emotional decisions but Chris always took the time to suggest I look at alternative ways to continue. In every case, while consulting with Chris, the recommendations he passed on to me were always the most beneficial choice over time. I consider Chris as that rare person who combines high intellect with the uncommon skill of common sense. His ability to understand situations and provide the best approach to move forward has led to the successful results he has accomplished over his illustrious career. I would highly recommend Chris Gaunt to anyone looking for “life coaching”. Whether it be to advance your career, finances, health or merely personal guidance, Chris will be an excellent resource to leverage.

Tom Finocchio, Procter & Gamble Professional

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